Flats of Cibaduyut To Complete Your Casual Outfits

How to be classy in casual outfits? Wearing Cibaduyut’s flats is the answer. With several straps and no heels, the flats have simple design making them comfy to wear and suitable for a casual occasion like shopping, short walk, seeing friends, and others. With no sophisticated parts, people could the whole occasion without suffering leg pain caused by heels or sweating caused by the tightly closed footwear.

For women, the brand offers two types of flats in general. They are open and closed flats. The dominating one is open flats. From one to several straps, this type of flats will let the toes breathe. Yet, the long wear under the sun usually leaves some tan lines. Despite the disadvantages, flats from this brand are mostly decorated with jewellery ornaments like crystal embroideries in Croisette Crystal, Amour Flat, Michela Turchesite, Adelia, Raissa, and many others.

Other ornaments include metal flower and chain in Lilium and Krabi, diamonds in Vania Big Diamond, and bow ribbon in Johanna. Besides the ornaments, all open and strapped sandals have the adjustable straps. Hence, people could set the tight of the strap to their feet. A strap is not only used in the open flats but also in the closed. The backstrap flats only cover the front part of the feet (toes) and the open back part is tied with a strap as the fastener. There are three series of this type that include Johanna, Vania Strass, Vania Big Diamond, and Vania.

Besides the closed back strap, another closed one is espadrilles. Lydie series is the espadrilles covered with velour fabric. The fabric makes the flats look so comfortable to wear. This footwear suits best as your home footwear. For work purposes, Pigalle Dice is the flat loafer with formal design and black colours. Almost all series have black and silver colours, but there are other colours in some series also. The colours are pink, red, yellow, orange, beige, brown, burgundy, and white.

The prices vary from £170 until £715. A slightly different price applies to men flats which range from £178 to £495. However, there are not many available options for men flats. As there are only six series including Thomas, Liam, Liam Studs, Ned, Joel, and Wilis. The series with diverse colours is only Thomas with red, black, yellow turmeric, and yellow zebra pattern. The other series have only black colours. As the accessories, men’s flats only use metals that are in the form of metal studs, metal logos, and metal plaque.

All flats for men are made of leather except with Thomas that use velour fabric. Thomas series for men looks almost similar to woman series’ Lydie. Generally, all flats are equipped with leather sole with an imprinted dadu online logo. Therefore, people could notice the brand as you leave the footprints. The closed one though has a metal logo attached to the vamp part. All flats are handcrafted to secure their quality.

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