The Latest Ready to Wear Dress from Cibaduyut

Cibaduyut is very well known famous designer which his collection had spread to more than 75 countries worldwide. This label initial product was luxurious footwear which had been released in 1995. Nowadays, Cibaduyut expand his world of design by releasing various items such as accessories and Ready – To – Wear (RTW) dress.

Ready – To – Wear (RTW) capsule collection by Cibaduyut is inspired by its own designer experience during this pandemic to work from home. As we all know, during this pandemic we cannot freely go to some places as we want because of lockdown. Therefore, Cibaduyut designs comfortable Ready – To – Wear (RTW) capsule collection for those who work from home.

Getting to Know With “Living Room” Capsule Collection

Life at home during this pandemic will give you a very different vibe than your usual daily life. Therefore, Cibaduyut wants to create something that will fit with his customers’ body perfectly, He wants something that feels soft on the skin but still with stylish design. His inspiration during this situation helps him to create a “living room” collection.

This “living room” collection is a timeless capsule made from soft cotton material which is well known as the most breathable fabrics. Since cotton made from natural fiber, it is able to absorb every moisture on your skin. Cotton enables airflow for drying out the dampness make it very comfortable to wear during hot season.

“Living Room 04” Capsule Collection Features (Lr 04)

Cibaduyut’s latest collection named as “living room” is known as timeless capsule since this style will never get old. Cibaduyut designs his latest collection with elegant style that valued sense of comfort over anything else. Living room capsule collection by Cibaduyut comes in black cotton with understated crew – neck pullover.

Cibaduyut gives minimalist detailed made from metal zip on the shoulders so that this capsule collection will not look dull. There is a signature of the designer embellished on the corner of the upper chest.  Living room 04 or Lr – 04 capsule collection is finished with ribbing at the collar, cuffs and hem.

“Living Room 02” Capsule Collection Features (Lr 02)

Cibaduyut Lr 02 comes with almost the same style as Lr 04 but with more simple style. This product is also made from high quality black cotton with understated crew – neck pullover. The different between Lr 02 and Lr 04 is Lr 02 doesn’t have minimalist detailed made from metal zip on the shoulders.

“Living Room 03” Capsule Collection Features (Lr 05)

You can pair previous living room upper clothes by Cibaduyut with Lr-05 which comes as track pants. These items made from supple black cotton to make their users feel very comfy during quarantine at home. Living room 05 track pants by Cibaduyut have a signature embellished below the hip.

These track pants are finished with ribbing at the ankles and the waist. There are also two side zip pockets so you can put your stuff in there.

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