Looking Stylish With Cibaduyut Boots

Boots have varied uses, but its main objective is to protect the feet and calves. Some wear them in construction work, sports even, or just for a daily fashion statement. If you are looking for a pair of boots to style with your outfits, Cibaduyut has dozens of fashionable pairs. Both men’s and women’s boots are available in different types and colours.

Each pair has its own charm like eco fur, metal buckle accessory, fine leather, and more. For women, the categories fall into ankle boots, thigh-high boots, high-heeled boots, and flat boots. Most of them are dominated by neutral colours like black, cream, white, beige, turmeric yellow, and others. Some patterns like jaguar-print, python-print, asymmetric pattern, and diamond pattern are provided beside the plain ones. Plain coloured or patterned, those boots will accentuate the elegance of your style.

For the designs, the majorities are equipped with side zippers and lace system. Meanwhile, some have an elastic insert, so that the wearers could slip on the boots easily. Judy, Rodger, Tonix, and Pigalles are a series of examples of slip-on boots. Boots with laces include Philis series. Not only lace, but Philis also is decorated with some eco fur giving extra coziness and chill style. The rests of the series like Helena, Morgana, Sveva, Apocalypse, Avice, Alexa, and Thora also have laces, but they use side zippers as the fasteners.

Women boots are dominated with high heels to such as Morgana, Sveva, Tonix Hattie, and Viviana. The others have relatively medium heels that range 40 – 60 mm. The only flat boots are Pigalle. Of all women boots series mentioned before, only Hattie, Clelia, and Be-Fore belong to thigh-high boots and the rests are ankle boots.

On the contrary, men’s boots only cover ankle ones. In fact, there fewer boots series for men compared to women. Despite the limited series, the designs could show the masculinity or even the flamboyant side of men. For the macho look, men could wear Bassline, Argo, Abbey, Sheldon, and Enry series. Those series are dominated by dark colours and solid rubber soles. Conversely, Abbey Plexy and Gzxswaelee series give flashy sense due to its eccentric pink colours. Gzxswaelee especially has lightning embroidery that makes the shoes dazzling from miles away. There are also some rose embroideries on another series of Gzxswaelee.

For the construction work, Bassline has the best look. Argo has a military design that suits for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and more. As for in-office work purposes, Abbey, Sheldon, and Enry fit men best. The ostentatious ones like Abbey Plexy, Gzxswaelee, and Seba Phyton are flattering in parties. The price of man boots is ranging from £383 up to £895. Meanwhile, woman boots are slightly pricey that starts from £338 until £3555. All woman boots that are under £500 usually have gotten a discount.

From the upfront look, it is quite impossible to insert the logo because of the sophisticated Idnplay poker design. Therefore, like the signature, every boot sole has Cibaduyut’s logo to distinguish the boots from other brands. For every pair of boots, there are several sizes available that ranges from 34 up to 42 in Italian size style.

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