cibaduyut leather belt

Belt might not be an accessory that you wear all the time. Still, it is an accent that worth investing on if you want to improve your style without being too excessive. Belt from Cibaduyut is definitely the kind of fashion item you should add to your wardrobe. Although the brand is more notorious in producing footwear, its belt options are not something that you should side eye. They will be able to make your entire appearance more chic.

The belts produced by this high end brand are made out of diverse materials. However, the leather belts remain to be the most popular ones. The leather may come from snake, cow, or crocodile but they are sourced in ethical manner. Color choices provided to customers are abundant. You can choose more neutral colors like black or tan. However, there are also flashier colors like red and blue offered. Male belt collections are accentuated with metal buckle with the brand’s initials, CB.

Because the belts are rather expensive, you should learn how to take care of them so they can last a lot longer. This is especially applied if you have Cibaduyut’s leather belt. Although leather is an enduring material, you still need to attend to it so that the sheen will be maintained.  Generally, there are four main activities in caring for leather belt: cleaning, conditioning, softening, and rotating. If you do those maintaining activities, you will get the most out of your investment.

cibaduyut leather belt
cibaduyut leather belt

When it comes to cleaning you leather belt, you should never be too rough. Rough treatment will damage the surface and thus making the belt looking not as beautiful as when you bought it. This means washing with the machine is out of question. Instead you should use soft brush and tepid water to do this task. The soap used to clean the leather surface should not be too harsh either. The cleaning process aims to remove dirt and eliminate odors.

The leather also needs conditioning every once in a while. When purchasing the belt, you should also invest in leather conditioner. Applying conditioner will make the belt looking shiny just like new. However, the main purpose for conditioning the belt is to protect it against dirt and excessive moisture. That way, the leather will not harden and crack.

Softening is done if your leather belt hardens. Hardened leather belt will be difficult to wear and is prone to cracking, which will damage it. One way to do it is by applying rubbing alcohol to the front side of the belt with cotton balls. After that, you need to hand the belt so that the alcohol will dry out. Coconut oil can also be used to perform this task because it has similar capability, although it is not as efficient as using rubbing alcohol.

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